Christofer C. Dierdorff has been creating memorable photography for 26 years, with over 20 years in portraiture alone. He is one of a select group of photographers in the world today whose portraits of celebrities are strictly non-commercial and intended only for exhibition including a New York Times Award for Outstanding Excellence in Photography.

In 1996, Chris was chosen by the United Nations to serve as the sole portrait photographer for their 50th anniversay in San Francisco. Over the years, Chris has photographed many world leaders and dignitaries including President Clintonm Princess Margaret, Madeline Albright, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Lech Walesa. He has also captured a cross-section og other celebrated personalities such as Maya Angelou, Krisnamurti, Salman Rushdie, Nicolas Cage, Ann Richards, David Hockney, Linus Pauling, William Burroughs and Francis Ford Copolla.

In 2001, the RCA Music Group commissioned portraits of the 100+ musicians on their RCA label. In 2002, Oxygen Media commissioned Christofer to photograph several women of distinction including the ex-govenor of Texas, Ann Richards.

Professionally, Dierdorff works within the motion picture and television industries in Los Angeles. In entertainment, he has distinguished himself as a producer, director, cinematographer and visual effects supervisor. Chris was awarded a national Emmy for his work on the television docu-drama, "The Day After"

  • This work would not exist without the collaboration and cosiderable effort of many friends, colleagues and those who were once strangers. The engines of commerce do not provide the access necessary tocreate these portraits. That access has always come directly from individuals like you. It comes from people who see the value of the work and want to help generate more. If you have access to someone or some group that you belive would make a fascinating new portrait, please contact us.
  • Since this work is non-commercial, occassional print sales help defray costs. Prints are available in either analog or digital form. They are available in sizes from 22 x 30 inches up to 36 x 50 inches. Other sizes may be available upon request.
  • Please contact us for pricing.